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Looking for a platform that can address all your travel needs? Look no further! Our proprietary tool is optimised for travel managers, bookers, and travellers across the globe. It is built to meet all your requirements with an intuitive interface. Discover the alternative!

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FCM Platform

Personalised User Experience | Corporate Travel Platform | FCM Travel


Personalised user experience

  • Streamline crucial tasks. Managers, bookers and travellers each have unique features designed for them.  

  • Keep journeys moving. Anticipate travel disruption with live updates about your trip from Sam, our digital assistant.  

  • Stay connected to your travel community. Create bespoke personal messages and critical announcements via desktop or app. 

Alternative Approach SEA



An alternative approach to innovation

  • Drive better decisions. Deploy custom notifications to your whole travel community in minutes.  

  • Get instant human support. Connect to an agent in the digital channel. 

  • All your approvals in one place. Multi-market, any booking channel, one click.  

  • Make your voice heard. With a constant feedback loop, you’re part of the platform’s evolution. 



Empowering data and insights | FCM Travel



Actionable insights

  • Simulate ‘what’s next’. Look into the future of your policy with predictive reporting.  

  • Capture leakage as it’s happening. Drive behaviour away from 2,000 consumer sites back to your booking channel/s.   

  • Don’t let data disappear. Cutting-edge data capture covers both bookings and missed opportunities to enhance insights. 



FCM Platform China

Explore FCM for seamless global travel management. Our solutions blend innovation, expert guidance, and sustainability for cost-effective, personalised journeys. Elevate your travel experience with FCM.


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Built around the needs of our customers, we’ve developed proprietary technology to tackle the problems, challenges and tedium faced by managers, bookers and travellers across the globe. With flexible integrations and a smooth, AI-powered experience across all devices, FCM’s all-in-one platform gets you to your next destination in style.  


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Your indispensable features, included 

Explore the laptop screen to see the features that come with the FCM Platform, no questions asked.


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Integrate with your booking tool of choice, whether it’s Concur, Deem, Cytric, or FCM’s proprietary tool.
It’s the FCM Platform in your pocket – all the power, at a quarter of the size.

Ready for travel tech transformation?

If you said yes, you’re not alone. Our customers felt the same way.
That’s why we built the FCM Platform: travel management software designed to transform travel programmes and make your dreams come true. 


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The proof is in the platform

Success stories aren’t created, they’re enabled.

“To further streamline processes and enable data visibility, travel programme technology, from booking trips to mobile, was integrated into a game-changing single platform for all regions: the FCM Platform.” 

- Travel Manager at Manufacturer

“We had an ambitious plan to develop a travel programme that our travellers want to use. That meant we needed consumer grade technology and great customer support, which FCM are providing.”

- Rebecca Jeffries, Travel & Event Services Manager, Toyota Motor North America

Nudge and support travellers 24/7 with the FCM Extension | Corporate Travel Platform | FCM Travel

Nudge and support travellers 24/7 with the FCM Extension

You work hard on your travel policy, so make sure you travellers follow it. Leave the heavy lifting to the FCM Extension. It's here, there, and everywhere with your travellers while they book and manage travel, including: 

  • Redirecting them from out-of-channel sites into the right corporate travel system 

  • Reminding them of company travel and expenses rules 

  • Sharing greener trip options for their next business trip 

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Procurers of best-in-market content | Corporate Travel Platform | FCM Travel


Procurers of best-in-market content

Rest easy, knowing you have the best deals for your business.

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